Welcome to Bern


  The Swiss Working Group for Autonomic Nervous System is very pleased to welcome you in Berne for the XIII Congress of the European Federation of Autonomic Societies (EFAS), which will be held in Bern at the University Hospital INSELSPITAL, 12th-15th October 2011. We are very honoured to be hosting the EFAS Congress 2011 in the Capital of Switzerland.

For this congress, the local and the international committees are currently working with great enthusiasm on a program providing an overview of the latest developments in the physiology and disorders of the autonomic nervous system. Being a developing and multidisciplinary field, various medical specialties will be involved, and some new aspects of the autonomic nervous system will be enclosed. Following the usage of recent years, the main topics will be covered by one or two plenary lectures given by renown experts in the field and by free oral communications. There will also be poster presentations, and education courses on Saturday.

We hope to see many interested specialists in Berne for this scientifically rewarding congress which will also be a socially enjoyable meeting in a particularly hospitable town in the very centre of Europe. We very much look forward to welcoming you to Berne in October 2011!

Prof. Christian W. Hess
Convenor of the Congress