Dear friends and colleagues,

during the past two decades we have witnessed tremendous developments in the medical and neural sciences. Much of what we consider "standard" today has simply not been there only ten years ago. The intraoperative utilization of neurophysiological techniques to assess functional aspects during surgery affecting the nervous system has played its part in this larger development.
Evoked potentials and electroencephalography have been considered the core of the field that is understood as intraoperative monitoring. In addition intraoperative neuromonitoring includes the use of microelectrode recording, ultrasound and other techniques used during surgery during intensive care. Not surprisingly therefore intraoperative neurophysiology is not only for the neurosurgeon and the neurophysiologists, but is of great interest to anesthesiologists, orthopedic surgeons, intensive care specialists, otolaryngologists, vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, and neurologists.
Since 1998 the biannual New York Symposium for Intraoperative Neurophysiology has attracted a growing number of participants worldwide. In the context of this now well-established meeting the idea for a worldwide society was born. An international society open to all who are interested in this field. The organization of the first full meeting of our new association has been entrusted to me and I therefore take great pleasure in inviting you to the beautiful town of Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland. We will have a program encompassing all that is intraoperative neurophysiology and more. And Lucerne, as the home of festivals and culture, fabulous mountains, and reputed gastronomy will provide a great background for our meeting.

I look forward to welcome you in Lucerne

Karl F. Kothbauer, M. D.
Congress President