Thursday 21st July 2011


01:30 -
01:45 p.m.
 Welcome to Children’s University Hospital Zurich

 Nadia Khan and
 Martin Meuli
 Zurich; Switzerland
01:45 -
02:15 p.m.
 Honorary guest speaker
 Spontaneous occlusion of the circle of Willis vs moyamoya
 disease - a historical survey. Research Committee Japan
 and Zürich experience
 Yasuhiro Yonekawa
 Zurich; Switzerland
02:15 -
02:45 p.m.   
 A 25 years perspective on the surgical treatment
 of children with moyamoya syndrome
 R. Michael Scott
 Boston; USA

02:45 -
03:15 p.m.

 Current concepts and future perspectives

 Kiyohiro Houkin

Sapporo; Japan

03:15 -
03:45 p.m.
 Coffee break  
03:45 -
04:15 p.m.
Management of adult moyamoya disease  Martin M Brown
 London; UK
04:15 -
04:45 p.m.

Clinical experience in management of childhood moyamoya disease in Korea

 Seoul; Korea
04:45 -
05:15 p.m.   
 Pre- and post-op treatment of headache and
 hypertension in moyamoya
 Vijeya Ganesan
 London; UK   

 Apéro at the Children’s University Hospital