General information


Thursday 21st to Friday 22nd July 2011



Auditorium, University Children’s Hospital Zurich

Steinwiesstrasse 76
8032 Zürich


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Hosts and organizers

PD Nadia Khan, MD
International Moyamoya Working Group
Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery
University Children’s Hospital
Zurich, Switzerland
Professor Martin Meuli, MD
Chairman Dept. of Pediatric Surgery
University Children’s Hospital
Zurich, Switzerland


Administrative secretariat

IMK - Institute for medicine and communication Ltd
Münsterberg 1
CH-4001 Basel
Phone: +41 (0)61 271 35 51
Fax: +41 (0)61 271 33 38
E-mail: congress@imk.ch
Website: www.imk.ch






Cancellation policy

All cancellations must be faxed or electronically mailed to the administrative secretariat.

Cancellations received until 3rd June 2011: 50% refund will be made

After 4th June 2011: no refund will be made