Welcome to the 6th NeuroSpine Meeting

Dear colleagues

We are proud to announce the 6th NEUROspine Meeting, the advanced course of the Swiss Society of Neurosurgery SSNS supported by the Swiss Spine Institute, Swiss Society for Spinal Surgery (SGS) and the Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro Societies SFCNS. On behalf of the organising committee, we would like to warmly welcome you to the Kursaal in Bern on March 3, 2016.


During this year‘s meeting, the morning session will cover Part 1 „Pain with the back and the brain“. In the afternoon, we will discuss as Part 2 „MIS, Robotics, Advanced Neuronavigation“.


The morning session highlights back pain viewed from a broad neuropsychosocial perspective. Experts from basic and clinical neuroscience will deal with the multimodal nature of pain and the role of psychosocial factors as significant predictors. Interestingly, findings suggest that the brain may react to psychosocial stress and physical pain in a more similar way than generally assumed. Convergence in physical and psychosocial pain processing has been described. Consequently, the first part of this meeting will discuss pain physiology, pain imaging, evaluation, modulation, psychological assessment, hypnotic analgesia and cognitive modulation.


In recent years, neurosurgical research has been focusing on innovative developments in Neuroimaging, Robotics and Advanced Neuronavigation Technologies. The field of minimal invasive spine surgery has evolved taking advantage of these new methods. We will discuss several recent advances in this field and will discuss appropriate indications, limitations and problems inherent in these rapidly expanding technologies. We will highlight case by case discussions using a voting system for the auditorium that will stimulate the interaction between participants and speakers.


The attractive program includes opinions of leading local and international experts and supports inter- and transdisciplinary work and thoughts. It should catch the attention of neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons with a strong interest in spine surgery, but also anesthesiologists, neurologists, rheumatologists, interventional radiologists, chiropractitioners and physiotherapists as well as exponents of psychiatry, biopsychiatry, psychology and psychosomatics.


We look forward to welcoming you to Bern.
Sincerely yours,




Professor Adrian Merlo, MD
President scientific committee
Past President SSNS