Welcome from the presidents and the scientific committee

It is our great pleasure, on behalf of the Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies (SFCNS), to invite
you to the 3rd SFCNS Congress scheduled for September 28-30, 2016 in Basel.

The SFCNS was founded in 2009 to promote collaborations and interactions between clinical neurosocieties in Switzerland in order to enhance knowledge, information, and overall impact of our disciplines at scientific, public and political level.

During the 1st meeting of the SFCNS in Basel in 2010 the main topics were stroke, epilepsy and disorders of the spine & spinal cord. The meeting was a great success in terms of participation (over 800 attendees) and level of scientific and teaching events.

After Basel the SFCNS board has been very active at different levels.

First, discussions were searched for and entertained with potentially interested societies. This lead to a growth of our Federation from the 6 original (founding) societies (Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, Neuropediatrics, Neuropathology and Clinical Neurophysiology) to the current 14 member societies.

Second, the Federation received the mandate from the Swiss Conference of the Cantonal ministers of Public Health (GDK) respectively from its Decision Board HSM (Highly Specialized Medical Services) to define criteria and procedures to certify in Switzerland stroke centers and stroke units, centers for the treatment of epilepsy, centers for the treatment of movement disorders with deep brain stimulation (DBS), centers for the treatment of rare tumors of the spinal cord, and centers for the treatment of CNS vascular dieseases. Committees with members representing different clinical specialties (and subspecialties), University as well as non-University departments, and all cultural areas of Switzerland were created and started their work.

Third, the SFCNS was involved in co-organizing teaching and scientific events with different member societies at national as well as local level.

The 2nd meeting of the SFCNS in Montreux in 2013 was a successfull event with the main topics functional restoration, neurooncology, neurocritical care, depression, dementia and chronic pain. More than 600 attendees joined the different types of events for multiple disciplines. The program was for experienced clinicians as well as those in training, as well as clinical and translational scientists.


During the upcoming 3rd Congress of the SFCNS in Basel in 2016 the main topics will be neurogenetics, sleep and epilepsy, clinical neuroscience quo vadis?, neuroimmunology and pain. The goal of the congress remains to offer different types of events (scientific symposia, teaching courses, free communication platforms, parallel session) of general/overlapping interest for multiple disciplines.
Most of our member societies will hold their general assembly during our congress in Basel.

We hope that this event will be of interest to you and we look very much forward to welcoming you in Basel!



Prof. Claudio Bassetti, MD


Prof. Anton Valavanis, MD

President Scientific Comittee


President SFCNS